The Vitality Journal

This is the digital version of my Vitality Journal. Currently I do not have a physical version available. HOWEVER. I know that there are many of you (including some of my clients) who are BUSTING for even a PDF version so they can print it off and use it for themselves right away.  

You can use the PDF version to make as many copies as you want.  When you fill one up, simply make another.  At the moment I just go to office works and print out a B5 version.  

I can't tell you how much this journal has changed my life.  It is the epitome of self-care and using it forces me to stay the course and do the things I know I need to do every. single. day. to keep depression and anxiety at bay. and help me manage my Fibromyalgia. Otherwise I just forget and don't realise until I'm starting to feel miserable that I've fallen off the self-care wagon. 


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