How you can support the creation of the music you love…

There are many ways that you can support your favourite artists to be able to make music and be able to devote their time, money and energy into creating more of the work that you love.

1. Buy direct

Don’t let your hard earned cash go to waste! Buy direct! iTunes, Spotify and all the others are great ways to discover new artists, but if you’re a real fan of someone and want to help them to continue to create work that you love, it’s super important that they are able to create revenue from that. Buy physical CDs, merchandise, even mp3 downloads direct from the artists and they will see much more of that $$$. An example, if you play one of my songs on iTunes I will get 0.0009c. If you purchase through iTunes I will receive about 33c. If you purchase direct or through bandcamp I will get 100% of the money you spend. If you’re spending it anyway, you may as well spend it where the artist will get paid the most. For the record, you can buy direct from me RIGHT HERE!

2. Join their list

You might be wondering why join their mailing list when you already follow them on social media? Well, platforms like facebook and instagram are great for sharing content but the algorithms constantly change. When I do something that I want my fans to know about I email them first. This ensures that the news will actually reach them. Whether it’s a new show, a new song I’ve written or a new recording coming out if I only use social media there’s a huge chance that a lot of my fans won’t even see it. This way I know for sure because its gone straight into their inbox. It means that you won’t miss a thing and then YOU can spread the word as well (I’m about to mention that)… (BTW my mailing list form is right here… ahem…)…

3. Share the love

One of the biggest ways that you can support an independent artist (or any artist for that matter) is by using your social networks to share their work. Promote their shows, share their posts, share their music and videos.

Tag your friends, comment on the artists posts (it helps get them more traction and more people can see the posts). Like of course, but comments seem to drive the traffic better.

If you’re super savvy, re-post their videos on insta and tag them. If you’re that savvy though you might want to check out the next option!

4. Join the team

If you’re a super fan, best put on your cape and wear your undies on the outside! Get in touch with your fav artist and find out how you can be a part of the support team and make a real difference in spreading the word, getting your artist heard on the radio, and making sure that people find their work. If you’re keen to join MY team contact me stat!

5. Host a concert

Hosting a house concert can be both an amazing experience AND an amazing way to support your favourite artist. Even if you don’t have a house! You can be in charge of choosing the right venue in your town, and helping to get bums on seats. If that sounds right up your alley - click HERE to find out more.

Is your favourite independent artist getting radio play in your town? No? Well you can make that happen! Get in touch with a local radio presenter and ask them to play your favourite song! Community radio is much more open to this than major commercial stations - but even then it’s still worth asking! Use your social media networks, or email the station. Send them a link to a track or a website. Ask the question and if the answer is yes, then let the artist know to send the track to that station (if they haven’t already).

6. Contact your local radio station!

Many artists have to work other jobs to finance their recordings. It used to be that you wrote a hit track and you would see a financial return, but that’s often not the case. Studio fees, musicians, mixing, producing, mastering, photo shoots, art work, video clips, marketing (the list goes on) ALL cost money! Even if you have a number one hit it doesn’t necessarily equate to even covering your costs. Music is important! Creating great music takes time and effort and energy and a lot of amazing artists burn out because they’re trying to do so much and trying to keep the costs down. Donating extra $$$ when you buy a recording, or donating in general can really help. It doesn’t have to be a lot - many hands make light work. Many of my tracks through band camp have the option of paying what you want to for the track. You can pay the nominated fee or you can add a tip - it all goes straight back into the next recording.

7. Donate