Michelle's NutriBullet Recipe 

Michelle's Nutribullet recipe (does not include plastic sword)

Michelle's Nutribullet recipe (does not include plastic sword)


Michelle's NutriBullet Recipe.

This recipe is fantastic for several things:

Brain health, bowel health, skin health and you know... everything. 

It contains lots of fibre, anti-oxidants, Omega 3's, iron, magnesium plus lots of other vitamins and the best part is, it doesn't taste like crap.  I even feed it to Jack and he actually drinks this one without gagging.

Ingredients and Instructions. 

Half the cup full of very loosely packed baby spinach (roughly one handful)

One big scoop (or 1/3 of a cup) of frozen blueberries

3 teaspoons of chia seeds

3 teaspoons of flax seeds

1 teaspoon of LSA 

3 heaped teaspoons of raw cacao powder 

1 teaspoon of 'vital greens' (that awful tasting powder from the healthfood section of Woolies.  Replace with vitamin powder of your choice).

Fill up to 70% of the rest of the cup with coconut water 

Fill up to MAX line with lactose free milk (or milk of your choice). 

Whoosh it. Drink it. There's enough to share it with at least one kid in the house and you'll both get more fibre than if you ate multigrain toast or cereal.