Coaching Options

Coaching Packages v One-off

When working with clients I often recommend that they purchase the Fibromyalgia Coaching Package as it’s the best way to see results. It allows sufficient time for discovery and initial getting-to-know-you along with time to create a solid plan, implement it and then see how things develop and make adjustments where necessary. Not every person is the same, neither are their goals or the results they are looking for so it’s really important to allow us the time to really make a plan that is right for you and then follow through with that plan and have someone ask you if you’re doing the things you said that you would. Change takes time and commitment and that’s why the best results are done through a coaching package.

That said you also have the option of a one-off consultation.

One off consultation

These are a one hour session available face to face in my Bowral practice, or via Skype. If you’re hesitant about locking in a coaching package this is one way you can go around that. You can also book a free 15 minute coaching consult to see if we are a good fit (new clients only).

Fibromyalgia Coaching Package

6 Week Coaching Package

 This package is perfect for women with fibromyalgia who:

  • are tired of trying to manage their condition without proper guidance and someone who actually ‘gets it’.

  • have been diagnosed but still don't understand their condition or what to do next

  • are sick of wading through the mountains of information on their own and not knowing what is actually helpful

  • want some guidance as to which area of their life will make the most impact on their condition

  • want help creating realistic and achievable goals to help them get some joy back out of life

  • need someone who can look at the big picture with a fresh perspective and help to get some clarity around creating balance

  • need help learning how to say no to things that are robbing them of their precious energy (or ‘spoons’)

  • want to feel better and are willing to do whatever it takes to get their life back

This 6 week coaching package includes:

~ Discovery session
~ Weekly follow up sessions (3 face to face or Skype + 2 Phone Calls)
~ Diary/workbook

Investment: $399

(Available in instalments over a 6 week commitment) 

Weekly Breakdown of the Program

Week one: 60 minute face to face (or Skype) appointment where we cover your discovery session, I get to know your personal situation and how fibromyalgia affects you and your life. We discuss the different things that you’ve tried, what has worked, what hasn’t and try and distill anything that might help us in our plan of attack. Fibromyalgia is different for everyone and while symptoms might be very similar, the effect and approach is going to change for every single person. So this session is really a get-to-know you so we can tailor your program.

Week two: 60 minute face to face (or Skype) appointment where we follow up, create a personally tailored plan for your unique situation and really begin the steps to get you to where you want to be.

Week three: 20 minute phone call. This is a follow up session to ensure you’re on track and that you’re doing the things that you’ve committed to doing. We cover any challenges that you’re having, any successes you’re having and we tweak the plan to work with what works best for you. Everyone is different so what works for one person might not for another so we have to continually address how things are going for you personally.

Week four: 60 minute face to face

Week five: 20 minute phone call

Week six: 60 minute face to face.

Face to face appointments are where we have the big discussions, cover any challenges you’re having and you get to talk about the things you’re struggling with and the wins you’ve had. We revisit our plan, we look at any progress and how we are tracking and we tailor the plan according to what works for you and what really doesn’t. After your first two appointments we allow a fortnight between face to face to give you the time to actually implement the plan and do the things we have agreed to. The phone calls are for continuity and accountability; to ensure you’re staying on track, doing what you’ve committed to doing and to answer any questions you might have.

Extra Inclusions:

  • A copy of the vitality journal for your own personal use

  • Email access for the duration of your program - I will endeavour to get back to you personally within 48 hours of receiving your questions.

For a FREE 15 minute mini-consult click  HERE .  (New clients only)

For a FREE 15 minute mini-consult click HERE.
(New clients only)