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Listening (seek and you will find)

The truth is, this week, I am struggling.  It’s not a morbid, depressed and anxious type of struggle it’s more of a seeking, a searching for something I can’t seem to put my finger on.  I don’t know exactly how to put that into words, and it’s possible that this is something that happens almost every time I have some time off. 

Luckily I know what to do with this... 

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Surviving the Shitstorm (Ep.35)

I think sometimes life can really wear you down. By life, I mean people. People can be right shits and have no idea the impact that they’re having on you.  Sometimes they know and even hope that their actions are tearing you apart. They deliberately try to create a shitstorm in your life and it can suck. The time we spend thinking about that, dwelling on it and letting it get to us can allow their actions and hurtful words drag us down, rendering us unable to move forward, stealing our joy.

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