Michelle Cashman
Michelle Cashman
Holistic life coach, writer, speaker & singer-songwriter




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Sometimes it helps to know

someone who's been there.

I have suffered anxiety & depression most of my life and Fibromyalgia for the past five years.  It sucks it really does. But these sorts of things don't have to consume you and there are things you can do.  

I write a LOT about the things that I do to stay on top.

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I’m committed to creating content
that helps people who have lost their passion and zeal for life to get that back.”
— Michelle Cashman

Know what you're looking for?  


Together we can look at the big picture and how it fits together before strategising and making plans to help you take things from where you are to where you want to be without further compromising your health and wellbeing. 


I am often writing content about the things I have learnt.   I talk about anxiety, depression, the things I do to stay well plus plenty of other things from health and wellness to motivation and inspiration and how to look after yourself well.  


My latest album 'Seasons' has been written all about going through tough times and coming to the other side. We all go through times when we think it's so hard it will never end. But it will. Especially if you look after you. 

The Fibromyalgia Puzzle

My upcoming book about my journey with Fibromyalgia and the things I do to stay well is available for pre-order now... 


THE VitalitY

I designed this journal to stay on top of the things I need to do on a daily basis for both my physical and mental wellbeing.  Over time it's become on of my biggest go-to resources for my coaching clients.  

Download your own personal Vitality Journal here.