Here are a few testimonials from people I have worked with previously...

Health N Harmony Nutrition

Elly grenfell (health n harmony nutrition) 

Working with Michelle on my web design and business launch made a potentially daunting task enjoyable and light.  Her professional, prompt and highly knowledgeable skill set took the stress out of a busy period of my life.  I gained confidence to continue on my business journey knowing I had the right support by my side.

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NINA - Mother of two spirited boys (11 & 6)  from Surry Hills 

Michelle worked with me to develop some strategies around parenting and the kind of mother I wanted to be.  

I always wanted to be a fun mum with children that respected me, however I always felt hesitant to set clear boundaries for my children.  My parenting style was confusing for myself let alone my children. 

Michelle completely understood where I was coming from and helped me to make decisions to create a respectful and loving home. 

Working with Michelle helped me to realise that I needed to communicate the values that were important to us as a family.  Since working with Michelle my relationship with my two boys has been completely turned around and I finally feel like I can be the mum I always wanted to be.  I'm enjoying motherhood as I have set clear boundaries that work for my family.  Thank you Michelle!


SASANKI (Artist - 33) 

I've been wary of the idea of life coaching most of my adult life - I have access to all the information, I know myself better than anyone  - who better than I to do the job? Well that's where Michelle comes in.  There was a limit to what I was able to achieve with my own guidance. I was continually hitting walls with projects and stunting my own creative development. I understood the theory of how to get shit done - that doesn't mean I was actually getting shit done.

My sessions with Michelle over the past couple of months have been invaluable and challenging because she doesn't hesitate to make you question what it is you want and why it is you want that thing.  

My creative projects don't seem so infinitely daunting now she has guided me to prioritising them. She has guided me in developing clearer values, goals and then helped to break them all down into things I can do daily to work towards them - small steps toward a greater goal. 

I would recommend this to anyone who is at a standstill with any aspect of their life.  Coaching with Michelle is a great investment to get the wheels moving in the right direction and keep them moving. 


EMILY (Property Management - 21) 

Michelle and I worked together to address the things in my life that had been bringing me down and holding me back.  She is able to really listen and give positive and constructive feedback in a way that is pleasant and not over-bearing.  

Working with Michelle is life changing.  Since working with Michelle I have the tools to use for continuing to grow as a person as well as confidently planning my future and making decisions.  Working with Michelle helped me to really feel capable of achieving whatever I want to in life.