Songs about chronic illness

I class depression and anxiety as chronic illness - even though they are classified as 'mental illness', they still usually last for a long time. Also, living with any chronic illness can have mental illness as a common side effect.  Hence for me, the same songs cover depression and anxiety as Fibromyalgia.  For example my song 'Mad' was written about Fibromyalgia but it really covers all three.  Living with any of these conditions can do your head in.  For me, writing helps but sometimes just listening to a song that articulates whats going on inside can help too. 

My album Seasons was based around the whole concept of life going through challenging periods (winter) where you feel like everything is difficult and it's never going to end.  But like I say in the lyrics of the first song 'Cold Winter', hang in there because spring is gonna come soon. 

The idea behind the album was to go through these seasons lyrically - as in the song 'Strike A Match' is all about what I do to get out of a hole if I find myself in one.  I have to find answers.  I have to 'light this darkened room'.  'One Foot In Front Of The Other' is about putting your hand up and asking for help - none of us have to do this alone.   You get where you want to go in life by getting your ass out of bed and putting one foot in front of the other.  You don't need to know what the hundredth step is - just the next one. 

'The Wolf' is all about that inner voice.  I remember when I first got help for my drinking and thinking that I was going completely insane.  I told someone that I had two voices now (as opposed to just one) and they were like "yeah, that's normal.  That's great.  It means the good side of you is finally speaking up and might be in with a chance". 

We all talk to ourselves.  We either tell ourselves we can or we can't.  Which voice we listen to determines our destiny.  Choose carefully. 

PS: If you're finding any of these songs are telling your story be sure to read other posts on my blog.  There are plenty of things I do to stay well.


MC xo