Vitality: How to get your health and mojo back

I think this episode is fairly on point because you regular listeners would know it’s been quite a while since the last episode.  Four months in fact.  That was largely due to illness (I actually ended up in the emergency ward twice and narrowly avoided surgery) and on top of all that we had personal issues including everything from a death in our family to our wedding just a few weeks ago.  So as you can imagine, there’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride.


I am so happy to be back though.  I can’t tell you how much having structure and routine makes me thrive.  I love what I do, I love being able to help people and I especially love creating content that helps people to create a better life for themselves.  Which is largely why I’m jumping straight into the deep end; coming back with a bang.  Today my interview on the EOFire podcast with John Lee Dumas goes to air on iTunes and being one of the most popular business podcasts and also my biggest influence as an entrepreneur I am both delighted and honoured to have been a guest on the show.  Check that out 7pm tonight (or 3am if you’re in America!).  If you don't want to go searching to try and find the episode on iTunes simply click HERE and it will take you straight there! 

Also, as part of being on the EOFire show I developed a give away that you can get HERE.  It's an audio program all about how to reduce your stress levels because reducing stress levels is one sure fire way to increase your vitality.  But here are a few other solid tips: 


  1. Eat well.  This is my biggest tip. I go into more detail in the ebook with this, but your diet is the biggest influence on your health and wellness.  Avoid processed sugary food and get back to nature.  Eat as many raw, organic vegetables as you can get your mits on and go nuts.  Think spinach with your bacon and eggs, think salads with your lunch.  Think veggie sticks for snacking and make your own beetroot dip to dip them in.  I talk about the why and the hows in the book but I cannot overstate this.  

  2. Sleep well.  Obviously if you’re eating well that will help.  Diets high in sugar and caffeine won’t help this.  Develop a healthy sleep routine (google sleep hygeine) and get off the computer or your hand held devices for at least an hour before bed time.  Ensure you’re getting both enough and not too much sleep.  That looks different to everyone but for me, it’s 7-8 hours.  More than that and I am sluggish. Less than that and I feel like a shaken snow globe which isn’t great for anxiety.

  3. Limit toxins. When I say limit toxins I include processed sugars, caffeine, drugs, medication and alcohol in this alongside toxins in your environment including bug sprays, most deodorants, perfumes, scented candles and chemical based cleaning products. Long story VERY short - these are poisons and you can not expect to have great health while you are eating, breathing, and being exposed to poisonous toxins.

  4. Exercise.  If you’re dealing with a chronic pain condition or anything of the like it’s important to be extremely careful with how you exercise, what you do and how much you do of it so use extreme caution; again I go into this more in the ebook but start slowly. It’s much better to start small and build slow than it is to go at it hard and then drop off because you’re so freaking sore the next day.  Swimming is great.  So is yoga and other low impact activities (even walking).

  5. Relax.  There are several activities I talk about in the ebook when it comes to that, but seriously, take some time out during your day to prioritise getting your chill on.  I know for me that having a brain like mine that does NOT seem to shut up, I can be in this state of heightened anxiousness almost all day just being excited about what I’m doing. Unless I take time out to do some breathing exercises or yoga or something similar then I really struggle to turn off and I literally wear out my nervous system.  

  6. Stress management:  This is similar to the above, but it’s important that you also limit the amount of stressors in your life.  Take time away from social media.  Spend some time unplugged from the world.  My trick with my phone is to turn it on silent and have my husbands (oh my gosh, that’s the first time I’ve said that word in a podcast), anyway, have my husbands number being able to bypass the silent.  So on an iPhone I literally set it up so my phone makes no noise unless he is trying to contact me and sometimes I text him and tell him I’m recording so he won’t ring unless it’s an emergency. He’s down as emergency contact for Jack so there is no excuses then for me to not be able to unplug properly and switch off.  Learning to take stuff off your plate is big too.  But that’s a whole episodes worth of content right there.  If you want some help with that check out the audio program I mentioned before HERE.

  7. Do something fun.  The amount of people I know that work themselves stupid, run around like a chicken with its head cut off and don’t do anything for themselves is insane.  What the hell kind of message are we sending our kids? That being an adult means no more fun anymore?  No!!! Lead by example.  Make time for fun in your life.  Make time for friends and loved ones and do something together.  You don’t have to hire a yacht - just drinking tea and chatting can be great, but lock it in.  Prioritise. Life is worth living! Plus, spending time with those you love releases endorphins and makes you feel good (and hence is directly related to getting your health and mojo back).

  8. Find meaning.  Working towards a long term goal is important, but making sure that goal has meaning and purpose is important.  If you want to be around to spend time with your kids and their kids, then focus a little less on leaving them an inheritance and focus a little more on creating great memories with them.  There are things that money can’t buy and it’s just as important that we get that as it is that we teach that by leading by example.  Working towards something you believe in will help you stay inspired and inspire others.

  9. Think positively.  How you talk to yourself and the voice you use in your inner world, how you take things in and process them, has a big impact on your mindset and your health.  Pay attention to what’s going on in there and see if you can’t retrain yourself to speak nicely to yourself and to others.  I go further into that in the ecourse.

  10. Drink water.  Obviously these are not in order or drinking water would be either part of number one, or number two.  But it needs its own spot and I want to leave you with it.  Water helps you to stay hydrated obviously but it also improves brain function and also helps your body to flush out toxins and most people don’t get enough of it.  Fresh, filtered water where you can.  Roughly two litres or 8 glasses a day.  It helps your whole entire body and your ability to think clearly!

I hope you’re travelling well, it’s soooo nice to be back, there is so much coming up that I am so excited about but in the mean time, you take care of you and I will see you next episode!